REFLECT - DPC Shine & Gloss
REFLECT - DPC Shine & Gloss

REFLECT - DPC Shine & Gloss

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REFLECT – DPC  Shine & Gloss

This hybrid spray wax uses hydrophobic polymers that provide unmatched shine and gloss along with amazing water beading and sheeting. We designed our formula with filling abilities that make the panel flat and true, which helps enhance shine and gloss. Sprayer included.   



  1. Shake well before use – you know it’s always good to do that right
  2. Apply to a clean surface using a high quality Microfiber towel, we recommend only Luxury Microfiber towels
  3. Work in small sections, gently massage into paint
  4. Buff off using a separate clean microfiber towel
  5. Step back….enjoy the shine..!!!!