About Us

Luxury Microfiber was founded to connect customers with the best microfiber towels on the planet. There's nothing better than a freshly detailed car and simply put, we weren't satisfied with the quality of the products on the market. The towels created by Luxury Microfiber are superior to others because we love detailing and we're all about the details. We are ultra-focused on the quality and performance of our towels. The quality of the yarn is number one. We dig into the blend of materials, the weight (the GSM or grams per square meter), the weave of the towel, and the cut & edging of the towel. Every detail is thought through to deliver on the usability, durability, and longevity of our products.

We've gone beyond developing a basic microfiber towel; we've developed towels and products for specific needs like drying, waterless washing, glass cleaning, tire cleaning, polishing, and even detailing the interior like dashboards and vents. A significant bonus of our microfiber towels is that they are multifunctional and can be used around the home and even for pet care. We continue to expand our offerings into other “best in class” products such as Marolex Sprayers, Polisher Pads, Chemicals, and more… We will always be on a mission to offer premium products that serve the needs of our customers.