NEW PRODUCT - Hybrid Spray Wax with Marolex Sprayer

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Old school wax look and feel meets modern day ease of application and durability.

Luxury Microfiber's Hybrid Spray Wax is designed to be a quick detailer that provides extreme shine and a very satisfying deep gloss freshly waxed look. You will feel the surface under the towel getting slick as you apply the product. 

  • Can be used over any product, including on ceramic coated cars or as a stand-alone product 
  • Safe on all painted surfaces, windows, plastic trip and wheels
  • Safe to use on vinyl wraps and over paint protection film (PPF) 
  • Easy to use, will not streak, durable protection against the elements for up to 3-6 months
  • Filling capabilities, hides minor scratches and imperfections 


1. Shake well before use - We all know this is important... 

2. Can be sprayed directly in panel or on a clean high quality Luxury Microfiber towel

3. Work in small sections and gently massage into the panel

4. Wipe and buff off using a different clean high quality Luxury Microfiber towel

5. Enjoy the protection & the slickness