DPC Shield - Ceramic Coating
DPC Shield - Ceramic Coating
DPC Shield - Ceramic Coating

DPC Shield - Ceramic Coating

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DPC Shield is a revolutionary do-it-yourself (DIY) professional strength ceramic coating formulated with ease of use in mind. It contains high concentration of SiO2 with filling properties that protect & enhance the appearance of your prized possessions. This coating can be applied on paint, plastic trim, wheels & glass.  DPC Shield is designed to last one year,  can be topped off with another layer once cured to enhance longevity & cross links effectively with DPC Armor to maintain its durability. 


Make sure surface is clean, dry & free from contaminants. Using a microfiber applicator pad, dab a few drops & lightly massage into the surface using a cross pattern for full coverage. Wait 2-4 minutes, using little pressure level with a low pile microfiber towel & buff off with a plush microfiber towel.

Detailed Use & Storage Instructions:

For best results, apply after car is washed, iron decontaminated, clayed, light polished & paint prepped. Wait at least 3 HOURS to apply a second coat. Treated surface HAS to stay away from water & moisture minimum for 24 hours since last application. DPC Armor can be applied 24 hours after last application, this allows enough time for DPC Shield to fully cure & bond on to the surface. It is recommended to NOT wash the car with soap for 3 days since last application. 

Shelf life, if unopened is one (1) year. Once opened, keep product in a controlled environment at room temperature, away from direct sunlight & exposure to air. 

Warning and Safety

Always work in a well ventilated area & use caution to not inhale, ingest or expose product to skin. Refer to product label for additional warnings & regulatory compliance information.


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