Green Monster (2 Pack)

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Plush Multi-Purpose Microfiber Towel with Hanging Loop (2 pack)

Luxury Microfiber Specs: 500 GSM, hanging loop, plush

The Green Monster is a versatile towel that you want within arm’s reach and thus we installed some hanging loops to provide easy access to grab and tackle an assortment of duties. It can be used for automotive interior, wheels, leather, fabric and even delicate headliners.

Strong Durability: Will withstand hundreds of washes. See FAQ on washing and drying Luxury Microfiber auto detailing towels.

Multi-use Microfiber Towel: A great towel to hang in the kitchen as it is great for delicate surfaces such as countertops, cooktops, oven, microwave, refrigerator, faucets, etc. It can also be your go-to towel to handle those spills and messes that suddenly appear within the kitchen given its spectacular absorbency.