BOGO - Green Monster- Set of 2

BOGO - Green Monster- Set of 2

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This is a high quality super plush and absorbent towel with incorporated hanging loops. When ever you think of paper towel, use the green monster instead. We are on a mission to improve the user experience with high quality towels. These are not what you would find in a big-box store. 

The green monster can be used for multiple applications - Automotive interior, wheels, leather, fabric and even delicate headliners. This is great within the home for all your delicate surfaces in the kitchen including counter tops, cooktops, oven, microwave, refrigerator, faucets etc. Not to mention little mess created by kids and our favorite four legged family members. 

This is the most versatile towel we carry period. This cleans very easy and can be used for over 500 washes. A must have for every home.

Product Details - 500gsm, 11.5 by 11.5 inches

Includes set of 2 plush towels with hanging loops

Caution - Do not use over hot surfaces

Tip - Can you used in bathrooms to keep countertop and faucets spotless clean