Marolex Axel FOAMER 7000

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The use of active cleaning foam is like a spa for the car. Foam has a longer lifespan than ordinary washing agents, so its effectiveness is much higher and thus perfect for auto detailing and cleaning.

Thanks to the ease of use of our Axel™ foamers with foaming soap (Luxury Microfiber Foam) that does not require a specific precise dilution mix to work effectively like many other foamers on the market, you will actually look forward to applying foam to your car. You get 3 different foam inserts that produce foam in different densities that you can use in an infinite number of applications.

It is easy enough to simply change the insert to get a liquid foam (excellent for cavities penetration) or to get a dense foam and compacted so firmly that it keeps on almost vertical surfaces. Given it is long-lasting, even on vertical surfaces, it is ideal for washing aluminum rims.


  • TOTAL CAPACITY - 264.08oz (7.81L)
  • WORKING CAPACITY - 237.03oz (7.01L)
  • PRESSURE - 58 psi (0.4 Mpa)
  • NET WEIGHT - 3.68 lbs. (1.67 kg)