Marolex Industry Ergo 1000

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An acid-resistant sprayer that is also light and handy. It is built with 3D Flex technology that gives you more freedom of use. Sprayers with 3D Flex can work in any position, even with the tank facing up. Thanks to this technology, you will reach even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies with unprecedented ease when auto detailing.

This sprayer works extremely well for rinseless washes in colder climates. It is the tool of choice for weekend warriors or mobile auto detailers. The sprayers feature storage in both the handle and the pump handle. These also feature a push down pressure relief valve. The biggest thing you'll notice is that these handle a lot more pressure so the spray times are much longer than most pump sprayers on the market.


  • TOTAL CAPACITY - 55.82oz (1.6L)
  • WORKING CAPACITY - 33.81oz (1.0L)
  • PRESSURE - 58 psi (0.4 Mpa)
  • NET WEIGHT - 1.10 lbs. (0.50 kg)
  • HEIGHT - 10.15 in (258 mm)