INTRODUCING - Best Glass Cleaner on the Planet

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Glass Cleaner

We believe this is the BEST GLASS CLEANER ON THE PLANET. Our glass cleaner when used with the right towel will give you squeaky clean, streak-free glass every time.

  • Safe to use on tinted windows
  • No cheap fillers and/or dyes that leave residue

The towel used with the cleaner is equally as important as the glass cleaner itself. We recommend the Belgian and the Glass Genie as a two step process to get the job done right.


  1. Shake the bottle before each use
  2. Spray generously, 2-3 sprays on a clean microfiber towel (Belgian Towel)
  3. Spread the product evenly across all surfaces, make sure you get the edges
  4. Wipe off immediately with a clean low nap towel (Glass Genie towel)
  5. Remember to clean the inside of the windshield as well    

Fine finishes may be damaged by liquid. To clean areas next to such finishes, be sure to follow the instructions above to avoid over spraying.

Pro Tip - Use fresh clean towels every time.



INGESTION: If swallowed, give 2-3 large glasses water. Seek medical attention.

EYES & SKIN: Causes skin irritation & serious eye damage. Flush with water ( at least 15 minutes). If eye irritation persists, get medical attention. Wear gloves while using. May be absorbed through skin with prolonged or repeated contact.

RESPIRATORY: Respiratory irritation may occur if used in poorly ventilated area. May also cause drowsiness or dizziness. 

CAUTION: FLAMMABLE LIQUID! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT SPRAY ON OPEN FLAME. Keep away from all sources of ignition. WARNING - FLASH POINT 78 degrees Farenheit

Dispose contents of container in accordance with local, regional, or national regulations.