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Revive – Rinseless Wash Concentrate

Revive is one product with many uses. It's your go-to product for everything washing, cleaning, and maintaining your prized possession.

  • Works great as clay lubricant & quick detailer

Dilution Ratio: ½ oz. Revive to 22 oz. water (1oz. of Revive to 3 gallons of water works great for the bucket wash method)

1. Spray on the surface and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. Always move from top to bottom of the car and do not put a dirty towel or wash mitt on the panel.

2. Use multiple clean microfiber towels or wash mitts/pads in your bucket, wipe dirty panels, working from top to bottom, do not use dirty towels or wash mitts/pads on the paint.

3. Wipe and buff off with a clean microfiber cloth (Big Daddy or Jack).