The Belgian

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Waffle Weave Detailing and Drying Microfiber Towel

Luxury Microfiber Specs: 16” x 24”, 480 GSM, waffle weave

The Belgian is an extremely dense and absorbent towel, holding more than 10x its weight! It features the pattern of a waffle (a Belgian waffle) to capture dirt and water in the little pockets.  It is ideal for wiping windows, glass, and mirrors.  It’s also effective for the removal of dust and dirt without the use of chemicals, which makes it great and safe to use on electronic screens.

Strong Durability: Will withstand hundreds of washes.  See FAQ on washing and drying Luxury Microfiber auto detailing towels.

Multi-Use Microfiber Towel:  This towel can be used to clean windows, mirrors, glass, countertops, and electronic screens. It’s also a dream for drying dishes and silverware.