Tire King

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Tire King - Tire Coating

Tire King is a tire coating designed to make your tires look great for longer. Apply to clean tires with a microfiber applicator or detailing brush. The unique formula creates a protective layer that actually repels water and dirt, this is visible through the beading you will notice when water comes in contact with your tires. This will also prevent tires from becoming brown.

Use Directions:
1. Shake the product well before use
2. Make sure the surface of the tire is clean and dry before application
3. Apply Tire King using a detailing brush or microfiber applicator
4. Work product into the surface by spreading evenly
5. Buff off excess using a microfiber towel

Warning: Can Cause Eye Irritation! 

Use caution when applying the product. Use appropriate protective coverings for skin and eyes while using the product. 

If in eyes: Rinse thoroughly and continuously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lens, if able to do so. If irritation persists, get medical help immediately.