Starter Pack

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Our Starter Pack is a price-friendly sample of our microfiber towels that can be used by car detailers to get introduced to our towels or by weekend warriors who enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning their own car.

Starter Pack Includes:

  • 1 Big Daddy
  • 2 Yellow Jacks
  • 1 The Belgian
  • 1 The Roman
  • 1 Glass Genie

We recommend using the microfiber towels as follows:

1. Yellow Jacks - Dip into your bucket and apply a rinseless wash. See Revive rinseless wash.

2. Big Daddy - Dry your car. Add a Sucker to your cart and dry your car in a fifth of the time with less streaks!

3. Yellow Jacks (again) - Wipe off the wheels, door jams and, if you are feeling ambitious, apply a tire coating like Tire King. We highly recommend keeping a separate set of towels for paint, wheels & interiors.

4. Big Daddy (ensure it is dry) - Apply your top coating, polish, and/or spray wax. Check out Hybrid Spray Wax and Armor.

5. Roman - Remove any top coating, polish, and/or spray wax that you apply.

6. Glass Genie (with a bit of water) - Tackle the interior windshield, windows, and rearview mirror.

7. Belgian (with a bit of water) - Wipe the dashboard and electronic screens.